Congratulations! You are the new owner of a home. The process of home buying is an exciting adventure which can also be full of challenges, learning, stress and emotion. During the searching and buying process your mind is very active thinking, organizing, remembering details, dealing with legal processes, real estate agents, lawyers, banks et cetera.

Now that you are living in your new home, hopefully you are ready to really settle in, relax and let your mind slow down. One of the ways that you can do this is through meditation. Meditation brings about relaxation and helps build up life force, often called chi or prana. It supports the development of a sense of compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness. A regular meditation practice helps us be less reactive to the events and circumstances occurring around us and encourages us to be more focused, centered and grounded. It slows down and eliminates streams of jumbled thoughts that crowd our minds and cause stress. The good news is that meditation is fairly simple. It is inexpensive and it does not require any special equipment. Anyone can practice meditation!

While many believe that when you meditate you are supposed to suspend your thoughts, that is actually not necessary, you may even find that impossible in the beginning. When you sit down to meditate you will likely find that there is a rush of thoughts that come to you. They may be angry, ugly, frustrated thoughts and that is alright. Do not get upset or be concerned that you are not doing it correctly. The mind generates thousands of thoughts per second. Simply become aware of your thoughts. Notice them and try not to get hooked into following any of them. Be an observer.

Don’t evaluate or react to the thoughts that come. Allow the thoughts to flow and move through your mind. Continue to focus inward and return to your focus point such as your breath or a mantra. Meditation can feel cozy and blissful. It can also feel uncomfortable. It is a cleansing process and whatever your experience is, it is okay. It’s different for everyone. The most important thing is to keep up!

There are many types of meditation. Feel free to experiment and find the ones that are best and most powerful for you. Here is a simple and powerful meditation for you to try. For maximum results it’s recommended that you practice it for 40 days in a row.


Meditation to Alleviate Your Stress

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

This is a very effective breath meditation (pranayam) for releasing stress. Done in the evening, it will wash the stress from your body and your aura, and fill you with calm, quiet, balance and prana.

Posture: Sit in a comfortable meditative posture with a straight spine–chin in, and chest lifted, hands in Gyan Mudra (Connect the thumb and the forefinger - tip to tip, not tip to nail.       The other fingers are straight but relaxed. Pressure between the thumb and forefinger is light.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.

Breath: Inhale through the nose in 8 equal strokes. Exhale through the nose in one deep and powerful stroke.

Time: 11 minutes.

To End: Inhale deeply and hold the breath 5-10 seconds. Exhale. Inhale deeply and hold the breath 15-20 seconds and roll your shoulders. Exhale powerfully. Inhale deeply and hold the breath 15-20 seconds and roll the shoulders as fast as you can. Exhale and relax.


        Enjoy your new meditation practice, your new home and all of the blessings and adventures to come!



Written by :

Michelle Csonka 

 Home Yoga


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