On average New York State has, one of the highest standards of excellence in real estate in the intire nation; ‘Live In Connection’ magazine strives to bring forth a fresh relevant, and innovative publication that is in tune with those standards. The real estate industry is in the business of connecting people with their envisioned property, building the very foundation of communities everywhere. We understand that their principles are of paramount importance to them. Honoring that manifesto, we at Live In Connection magazine fully intend to enhance and properly project the image of real estate leaders through our pages with the utmost care. It is our goal to create a bond of trust between all real estate professionals and their clients even before they meet one another.


           Join us in this extraordinary adventure!

a new real estate community begins now!




擁有全美房仲業卓越品質的紐約州,"Live in Connection"月刊的標準也在如此。以突顯業務員的形象,我們會集了優秀圖形設計師、攝影師、編輯人員、贊助商和貢獻者,來達到顧客服務最高品質。




Somos una nueva revista que trae pautas de calidad inspiradas en el nivel de excelencia de los lideres de la industria de bienes raices en la ciudad de Nueva York.



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