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     Chef Gabriela Alvarez

           wellness coach, founder of Liberation Cuisine



A new home often signifies a new chapter in our lives, a new beginning. The home is where we raise a family, enter life partnership, rest and recharge, convene the people we love, and sometimes even where we do our life’s work. Bringing attention and intention into this space will enhance the new life you are now embarking on.I am a chef, wellness coach, and founder of Liberation Cuisine. My work centers on using food to create the lives that we want. We know that eating health-supportive foods reduces illness and gives us more energy. Clearing any “dis-ease” in our lives allows us to put that energy towards personal and professional goals. How we feed our bodies is how we choose to nourish these goals.

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The kitchen then becomes central to manifesting the life you want; whether it’s healing, financial abundance, fame, or love that you seek.

You are what you eat. Each ingredient in a meal becomes the building blocks for every cell in your body. They determine the power behind your actions and the clarity of your thoughts. Even your mood while cooking or eating influences how that meal will affect you.

Maybe you’re someone who eats when you’re feeling sad or bored in order to suppress the negative emotion. Ask yourself then, do I also have a tendency to bottle up my emotions when I’m stressed, angry, or even happy. And what am I missing out on when this happens? What kind of life is truly possible? Because how you do anything is how you do everything. Maybe you’re someone that is always rushing; rushing to cook breakfast, to rushed to eat breakfast, rushing to get to work, rushing to leave work, rushing through dinner, and rushing to bed because tomorrow’s another day. What am I missing? What kind of life is truly possible? Because how I do anything is how I do everything.

The kitchen is your life source. The meals created in this space will feed each cell in your body, feed your family what it needs to grow and thrive. When looking for or decorating a home, it’s important to be very clear on how you wish your kitchen to serve you. Yes, how can your kitchen serve you and the life you wish to create! Because how you do anything is how you do everything. How does the layout support your lifestyle? How do the appliances make your day-to-day needs easier? How can mealtimes become the experience you’d like to create? How can you infuse your meals with the energy to deeply sustain the life you want?

Creating your kitchen space is an ongoing process that can happen in many ways. The ancient art of Feng Shui, for example, offers many ways to enhance a home or kitchen space. Working directly with an architect or interior designer is a great opportunity as well. It doesn’t have to be a new home in order to transform your kitchen into one that optimally sustains your life. There are simple yet deeply effective steps to ignite a new life full of success and happiness.


Creating YOUR Kitchen

  • Create a list of goals for yourself. Set them in a visible space in your kitchen. You can refer to these as you cook your next meals.

  • Sit in a quiet space, preferably your current or soon-to-be kitchen. If you are not in the actual space, image that you are. Ask yourself, “how can this kitchen serve me in achieving my goals?”. Write down whatever comes to mind.

  • Visualize yourself creating beautiful meals in your new kitchen. See the colors, smell the dishes. Who is you with? What are you eating? What colors, textures, lighting, and equipment are in the space? Is there a particular layout worth noting? Again write it all down. Allow this roadmap to guide any future kitchen plans.


Chef Gabriela Álvarez. is available for kitchen consultations to support you in creating the kitchen of your dreams. She also offer professional cooking classes for individuals, couples, and families.

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