" In real estate, efficiency and great performance

           does not have to take back luxury "


                                                  -  Live In Connection Magazine  -

New York State has by average, one of the highest standards of excellence in real estate in the country; ‘Live In Connection’ magazine is intended to bring a publication that is up to those standards. We intent to project and enhance the New York State’s agent’s image through our pages;  to accomplish this mission we have strived in putting together the best team possible,  from our graphic designers to our editors, photographers, sponsors and contributors.


                   -  Launching, 2017  -

擁有全美房仲業卓越品質的紐約州,"Live in Connection"月刊的標準也在如此。以突顯業務員的形象,我們會集了優秀圖形設計師、攝影師、編輯人員、贊助商和貢獻者,來達到顧客服務最高品質。




Somos una nueva revista que trae pautas de calidad inspiradas en el nivel de excelencia de los lideres de la industria de bienes raices en la ciudad de Nueva York.

                                                                             -  Vivela este 2017  -


Our connection with you will go beyond business.