Our Privacy

Congratulations! This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship! Your trust is vital to us, therefore we will ALWAYS respect your privacy, your email address, and the information you give us. Rest assured that we will never sell, trade, or misuse any information you submit to us. Understandably you have some concerns, so we have provided responses to the most common questions you might have:


1. How will my information be used?

    When you sign up for LIC & LICM you’ll be receiving relevant information about us. We will invite you to our online events, as  

  well as update you on information about programs or products that pertain to REAL ESTATE (buying, selling, legalities, process, 

    events, etc.).


2. Who receives my information?

    Only we receive your information and we assure you that it’s safe with us. You will never receive emails or content containing  

    spam or propaganda. We will never give out your email address or any of the information you submit to us on this site to

    anyone else.


3. What happens if I email you?

    Your emails are always confidential. Only our company reads them and we don’t share the contents of your emails or your

    personal information or data with anyone else.


4. Do you use cookies on your site?

    Yes we do, but our cookies don’t contain any personal information. We use them to help make our website easier to use. For

    example, cookies on our site are used to:

     • Remember your country and language preferences

     • Deliver information that suits your interests

     • Help us understand our general audience and traffic patterns

     • Allow you to automatically log into programs and parts of our site that require membership

     • Manage and present site information displayed on our website that will be specific to you We also use Web Beacons, a

     service that collects non-personal data about how you interface with our site. Examples of such data are: 1. How long did you

     visit our site? 2. What web browser are you using? 3. What is your operating system? 4. Who is your internet service provider?

     In addition, we also use Google Analytics data and the DoubleClick cookie to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to our

     website. This data is collected from thousands of site visits and analyzed as a whole. This helps us build a better website to

     match our visitors’ needs.


5. How do I stop receiving emails from you in the future?

    While we are confident you won’t want to unsubscribe from us, we completely understand if you choose to do so, and we will

    respect your decision.


    If you wish to stop receiving emails from us, you may unsubscribe at any time using the link provided at the bottom of all our

    emails. If you continue to receive emails from us even after unsubscribing, don’t worry. Our friendly and knowledgeable  

    customer service representatives will gladly assist you in resolving the issue. Simply send an email to l letting us know that you would like to unsubscribe from us; we will promptly take care of this issue.