Qualifying for a mortgage loan can become a long and arduous endeavor, especially when you are a single parent. The process of buying a home is wrought with various tasks that require your full attention. Dividing your time between your job, your household responsibilities, and the education of your children can easily leave you without much opportunity to organize all the necessary requirements to complete your qualification. You may not even be left with the time to research whether or not you qualify for any assistance or benefits.


Here is some great news! The home-buying process can become easy and fun when you allow yourself be guided by specialists in the field. Did you know that there are government agencies that offer support programs for single parents who want to buy a home? Some of these programs have a variety of beneficial plans to assist with everything from consulting with experts to meeting the requirements necessary to qualify for a mortgage. These agencies also provide guidance on where you may find low-cost housing and information about programs that may grant funds to cover your closing costs.


To obtain more information about these programs and their availability in your local area, ask your real estate agent or your mortgage representative, you may also consult with your real estate attorney or contact The Housing Authority. Additionally, you may also research local organizations that offer benefits for single parent homeownership with the Public Housing Authorities Association.

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Written by:   Alfonso Martinez

I hope these tips help make your home buying process a successful and enjoyable! experience.



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