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Feng Shui is an ancient art that originated in China over 4,000 years ago. Its literal translation is wind and water. It is the art of promoting health, wealth, and happiness by harnessing positive chi. Chi is a subtle flow of electromagnetic energy that links all things in the universe.

Our blood carries oxygen and nutrients. Chi energy carries thoughts, ideas, emotions, and dreams from our environment. What we think and where we live have an influence on our cells, both positive and negative. We know people who have healed themselves with positive thinking. People also help themselves heal by traveling to spas or locations with special healing properties.

Only recently have I begun to understand some of the folklore that I heard growing up in an Asian household. For example, I would hear the following: Do not live at a “T” intersection. Do not sit at a desk with your back to the door. Do not place your bed so that your feet are in direct line with the door. Do not have your front door in a straight line with your back door or window. Do not sleep under an exposed beam. This list goes on and on, but if we understand the flow of energy, we can understand why these precepts exist. 



Let us begin at the house that is at the “T” intersection. It is bombarded with sha energy, or negative energy, from oncoming traffic. If you live in a house at a “T” intersection, you could lose energy, because on a subconscious level, you would be concerned that a car could plow into your home. The Feng Shui cure for this is to plant hedges or to place large rocks in the direction of oncoming traffic, to deflect sha. 


Furniture is best arranged with consideration as to how chi moves throughout the space. For example, if you were sitting at your desk, with your back towards the door, you would not be able to see someone entering your space. This could startle you. Your task would be interrupted and your chi would be disrupted, causing disharmony. If moving the desk to another position is not possible, hang a mirror to reflect the image from the door.


Financial problems and disharmony can be cause by chi moving too fast through a space. This can happen when the main front door is in a straight line to the back door or window. Installing a wind chime will slow down the chi.

It is not advisable to sleep with your feet in line with the bedroom door because that is considered the coffin position. Life force leaks out of the physical body. To sleep better, place your bed in the opposite end of the room, with visual access to the door. If this is not possible, place try a low shelf or partition at the foot of the bed. Sleeping under an exposed beam can create blocked energy in the body, which in turn can create illness. 


For a married couple, a beam that runs in the direction from head to toe in the bedroom will create marital problems, because the couple will always energetically separate. The solution for oppressive beams is to remove them, if they are decorative. We can also lighten them energetically by hanging plants or chimes from them or by placing something red on them to keep the energy moving. 

There are many elements to Feng Shui, but the fundamental principles are based on the concept of yin and yang, or passive and active energy. Feng Shui cures include mirrors, plants, crystals, candles, fountains, fish tanks, and the use of color and sound.


An eight-sided plate with a mirror in the center called a “Bagua” is frequently used. Symbols of the eight tri-grams from the I Ching surround the mirror. The Bagua is probably the most important tool of Feng Shui. It is believed to symbolize powerful protective energies. Chinese people around the world hang the Bagua over the main front door entrance, to guard against sha energy pointed

at them.


In the layout of every home, there are points, which represent every aspect of your life, such as relationship, fame, fortune, children, helpful people and health. In my previous home, I had a fireplace in the left corner of the room. This position is located in my fortune sector. Using the fireplace was costly and it was burning my cash as I had higher utility bills. My correction was to line the interior of the fireplace with mirrors and replace wood logs with nine red candles. Making this correction saved me money. The mirrors amplified the intentions of the red candles, attracting wealth. The vibration of red is fast moving and is an auspicious color.


When we implement corrections, we can transmute and use the energy to focus on other tasks. We flow with ease and grace and have synergy to create. Think of how it is to create in a cluttered environment versus a clean orderly space. Feng Shui corrections bring awareness to you and your environment. The knowledge and practice of Feng Shui can help transform your life and fortune by aligning your energy flow at home and at work.


                  May you flow with the wind gently at your back!



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